I need some Happy Thoughts:)

Oct 16, 2012

I want to know that it gets better in this glorious elearning world?  

I am dreaming of:

-Less words, bullet points and slides...

-More cool stuff and engaging stories?

It seems that the ever elusive elearning mojo is staying away from me for now :(

My courses do get better correct?

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Eric Nalian

Hey Johnathan

They do get better!

To get myself away from the 'Bulletpoint Blues' i try to challenge myself to come up with at least 1 new way of displaying information for every project.

This year, for just about all of the courses that I have made, the look/feel was pretty much the same - I used a 'room' with a character standing in it with either speech bubbles or text boxes highlighting information.  With each course, I try to add something special, something that says 'This course is not like all the other courses' and I have done that for each course I have created in Storyline so far.  It is a tremendous challenge.

The reason I do this is because - we require our learners to go through certain curricula and to take a certain amount of courses per year (20-40 hours depending on position and exempt/non-exempt status).  If they are being forced to sit through a bunch of courses, I want to make sure the courses that they are sitting through are the best possible courses I can make, while not keeping them all looking repetitive and boring.


Geert De Rycke

Hi All,

I'm trying to develop my course like Wiki's.

Very short scenes, which can either be viewed individually or viewed in a very large training course in which the user can jump from one scene to the next. I keep track with the help of some variables which scenes in the large course have already been done, partially done or not done at all.


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