Ideas on how to replicate functionality?

Hello all eLearningEnhanced is building a very large project in SL for a client and there will be about 10 Assessments. This is the clients vision of how the assessments will work:

- Learner needs to score 90%.
- If they do not, they are to retake the questions they answered incorrectly.
- Can retake as many times until they pass.
OK.. so the hard part is that second item. How can I reset only the questions that were missed. I doubt it is realisticly possible to that... so then I started thinking about triggers that would auto-select the correct answer on questions the learner already got correct... there really arent any variables to track that... and I don't want the slides to be toooo complex. 
Anyway, as typical, I started trying to think of ways to solve this with code. But then I realized the community might have a better idea. If not to create the actual functionality then something similar. 
Thanks in advance,
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what if your assessments were not in full quiz form but as individual interactions with variables that give an overall score but have individual true false or correct/incorrect variables.  These could add to a score variable on correct and trigger whether to show the sljde on repeat.


Phil Mayor

James, if you dont need to send the score to the LMS you could build all the questions and results slides manually and then use your own variables to ensure they only retake the questions that they got wrong.  Not ideal in a large project.  I have recently rebuilt some questions to give me this flexibility and used variables to track them.