Question about Quiz Review functionality - Bank of questions


We would like to have the following quiz settings for our module:

- 10 banks of questions with at least 2 questions in each bank

- if the learner answers correctly a random question from the first bank, when retaking the quiz, the whole bank will be skipped as the learning objective for this topic is marked as complete

- if the learner does not answer a random question from the second bank, when retaking the quiz, a random question will be drawn from the second bank (the learning objective is not marked as complete)

This functionality seems to be working for the following scenario: We fail quiz and retake it. 

However, if we fail quiz and first use the Review Quiz functionality, then when retaking the quiz we need to answer all the banks of questions as if our variables get reset.

So the question is now about the Review Quiz behaviour - what does it do behind the scenes?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Renata - A quick glance shows me your triggers may be the culprit. Looks like you want to drive the behavior with the Review Mode variable:

If you place that above your Review Results and jump to slide trigger that may fix it.

Otherwise, hopefully the community can help you out with your custom set-up.