IE crashing when closing course

Hi there, I'm stuck!  I've created a course that culminates in a quiz whose results need reported to an LMS.  Everything is properly reported when the course is finished and closed in Firefox and Chrome but anytime I close the course window in IE it crashes.  This happens:

During the course by "X"ing out the IE window manually

At the end from either the "Finish Course" button I programmed to close the window

At the end from the next button programmed to close window

At the end from "X"ing out of the IE window manually.

Internet Explorer crashes and reopens the course popup window from the first slide.  Try to close it again?  Crashes and reopens, until IE gives up and surrenders and declares itself unable to return to load the site.  No information is sent to the LMS regarding quiz score, duration, etc. 

What am I doing wrong?  Thanks for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nick and welcome to Heroes!

What version of IE are you using? We're aware of some known tracking issues within IE9 and an LMS, but I haven't seen it crashing the browser. Are you able to share your .story file here or if you'd prefer to share it privately here? Please let us know which version of IE you're using to test as well.