If a picture is at a lower level of a layer then is that possible to have it's "selected" state above pictures that are on higher layer?

Feb 23, 2015

Hey everyone:

I am trying to create this file cabinet based on Natalia's work in storyline. I try to use three states for the drawers: normal, hovered, and selected. For selected, I enlarged the drawer picture, hoping that could create the effect of drawer opening. 

However, when I click on drawer 1, which is at the lower level of the pictures, the selected state would come out but part of it would be blocked by the normal state of drawer 2 picture. 

Please see attachment for what I am talking about. 

Thanks a lot!


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Tony Jones

I think the best way to this would be to have the enlarged drawers as Slide Layers instead of selected states.

So, each drawer button would consist of just two states - normal, and hover (with the glow). Each enlarged drawer would then sit in its own Slide Layer. Then create triggers to show the relevant Slide Layer when you click on each drawer.

This way, the enlarged drawers will always be on top of the other elements.

Hope this makes sense!