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Jan 09, 2014

We developed a series of exercises, that we are embedding on a web page thru iframe. Web/browser works fine (storyline exercises loads), while on iPad (we are not using your player), the content will not load. There is a "spinner" loading and then everything stops.

We did manage to discover that probably images are not being loaded on iPad (with comparing loaded resources thru Resource.prototype.load = function(a, b) { alert("Resource.prototype.load"+a); )

If we link our iframe to the exercise with enabled "Articulate Mobile player for iPad" the exercise opens fast and perfectly out of our content into your browser. But that is not acceptable solution as users need additional installations and content is being opened in different viewers.

Any hints and advices?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sebastjan, 

You should be able to use an iFrame within your Storyline course, and I'd want to check where you're hosting the content and that you're using Mobile Safari to view it on the iPad. 

In this thread I found a number of other courses previously published with an iFrame that Justin shared, you may want to test some of these on your iPad to see if they display properly. If so, then you'll want to look at how you set up your iFrame and if there is something within your server that may be blocking it from loading properly. 

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