Modules displaying incorrectly in a third-party app built in Flash Builder

Nov 18, 2015


We're building a couple of courses that are being published to web (HTML5) because they're going to run through a client's custom app.

We're having issues with our content appearing correctly inside their application. Basically, our content gets chopped off on the side and doesn't center in the display window of the application. Does anyone have any ideas of anything we could try? A co-worker tried to look at the XML files to see if anything could be altered, but our content is set to center (as it should). Here's what we know about the app being used:

- They built their app with Flash Builder
- Plays content through Class 4 Webview
- They're not using an LMS
- They're playing content on iPad

I should mention we tried different combinations under Browser Settings for Browser size and Player size in Storyline 2, and none of them solved the issue.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Philip -- Sorry to hear you are having difficulties, and that the troubleshooting steps you have already taken with browser and player settings/size, etc. were not successful in doing the trick for you. Would you possibly be able to test your content via Tempshare to determine if there is something happening within their application that is not taking place in the Tempshare environment? I thought I should ask, as it's always a good idea to test elsewhere when you can to rule out as many factors contributing to the issue as possible. 

You are welcome to share your file here, or if privacy is a concern, you may use this form to submit and we can do some testing for you, as well. 

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