Storyline Course - Progressive Web App (on iPad)

Hi All,

Has anybody managed to run a storyline project as a progressive web app.

Our team plans to run a micro-assessment in a store environment which will be driven by our sales team, we are thinking we could create the content in storyline using the quiz builder and pass variables back to the browser using javascript.

Our though is that it would amazing if we could add some lines of code to the output file to hide the browser controls, and create an apple touch icon so it could be saved to our teams iPads, creating a full screen experience for the user.

I am wondering if there are any things we should be mindful of? and if there is any advise on recommendations on how to execute?




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Gary Overgaard

Hi Mike,

I'm a little late to the party with this response but oh well. I too wanted to run an HTML5 published Storyline 360 program at full screen on an iPad. I didn't like the Safari browser tabs and URL field showing. 

I found this LINK to instructions for how to add a shortcut icon to the iPad screen, that when pressed, opens the published piece full screen. I tested these instruction out on a SL360 piece and it worked great. The end user has to execute the steps to create the shortcut, so perhaps it doesn't meet your need, but it's still a nice option for getting a cleaner look with an iPad browser.