Image appears when all quizes completed

Feb 22, 2013

This was supposed to be a quick project to test learners knowledge in key subjects!!!

I want an image of a certificate to appear when the learner has completed all quiz slides (10 quiz slides). The quizes can be taken in any order.

Each time a quiz has been completed a tick appears on the subject button but I want a certificate image to appear when all subjects have been completed, so when all ticks have appeared then the cert image appears.


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Michael Hinze

Hi Ken,

I had helped you set up the checkmark logic. You could add a new layer and put the certificate bitmap on that layer. The you could set up a slide trigger that check if the state of all ten checkmarks is Normal. If yes, show the certficate layer. See attached that shows tthe trigger with 2 conditions, you would have to add the other 8.

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