Image issues - Displaying different from development screen to preview mode.

Sep 06, 2016


I'm using Storyline 2 Update 10—Build 1607.1221 on Windows 7 64bit. 

The images appears different to what is in the development screen to preview and published file.  

This has only been a problem since update 10 came out for me. It is frustrating as you have to do a bit of guess work to get the image as you want it. 

Can this be investigated please?

Development Screen

Preview screen



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Susi B

Hi James,

did you copy and paste/duplicate this slide or the picture? I had a similar problem with a group of elements when copying them to an other slide. I got the elements separatly out of the group and a fake group which was transparent with no elements in it.

Did you try to insert the picture again? (Not replacing the picture in the existing one.) Sometimes Storyline is a bit buggy, my audio files have a similar issue sometimes when I want to copy/paste them out of an older file into a new one.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi James!

Is the issue that the image should or should not be there?

At first I read this question as 'I have this image showing up in preview and I don't know where it's coming from because it's not in my project'.

It is in your project though:

Listed as Picture 2 2.

So, then I was thinking that maybe you were really reporting the fact that you could not see it during your development.

I could not identify what kind of formatting you had for the picture. I re-set the picture via Picture Tools > Format > Reset Picture and it's now on your development screen.

Let me know if I still missed what you were sharing :)

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