Image Pixalation


I am really struggling with images.  So my client supplies me with still screen shot images which are high res, but when I import them and publish them in articulate storyline - they pixelate once I publish.

I figure it is some kind compression that is taking place.  Is there an optimum image resolution that is recommended, or a way to adjust the compression of still images?

Thanks in advance.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi NZ!

First, I would make sure that when you save the images they are on your local drive. In most cases, the "downloads" folder is a default location. This could be why the images are pixelated after publishing.

Also, are you publishing to an LMS or the web? We have specific publishing formats for each!

I'm also linking tips the best practices for high quality images! If an image is much larger than the story size it could scale down and effect the quality.

Let me know if the problem still occurs after publishing to a different output!