Image Quality when using Zoom Regions

Apr 10, 2014

Is there anyway of improving image quality when using Zoom regions? The images i've used are relatively high quality but when zooming they still look slightly blurred.

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Joseph Ferraro

Not sure I understand the method for the initial solution, but just sharing what has worked for me as this exact scenario came up a lot:

We just to use high resolution images (and due to SL2 restraints, under 2048px). If you already have a lower quality version placed in your project, you can select the image, right-click and replace, which should allow you to insert the high resolution version and have it only scale down to other one's size, but not affect the quality during zooms.

Dafne Carrasco

Hi, I know this is an old post...Joseph's solution initially worked for me moments ago, however when I tried recreating the steps in my project file, it did not work.

I created a test file with the same graphic I got to initially work (attached). I also uploaded my original attempt to the tempshare (unfortunately I didn't save the storyline file because I got too excited that it worked haha). (It's not ideal, but it was the highest quality I could get)

I've tried suggestions from other posts, recreated the graphic in Illustrator and exported as EMF and WMF files, and adjusted the compression settings. I have also tried different interactive methods, but I was hoping to solve the blurry issue now so that I can create interactive infographics (zoom feature) similar to in the future.

I appreciate any assistance.

Dafne Carrasco

Thanks for the quick response, Joseph! I was afraid you would say something like that...

Unfortunately, part of my role is to build these training tutorials so that others in our organization (with Storyline knowledge) can make revisions in the future. I've attached my Illustrator file and the WMF that I used when I got your solution to work.


Joseph Ferraro

Thanks - I tested out WMF and several PNG variations (at original size and under 2048px),  all appeared to be very pixelated on zoom.

I'm on SL3 as well, so I can confirm whatever is going on transcends older perpetual versions. I would suggest submitting a support ticket as this is clearly a defect if Articulate's own support articles say it supports any scale with EMF and WMF files.

Dafne Carrasco

I appreciate you looking into it, Joseph! Yes, I remember reading the article about supported graphics...too bad we can't import EPS or SVG, or even a PDF. Perhaps my workaround for this particular project will have to be recreating the chart in Storyline, which is not great, but it's simple enough. But I will keep troubleshooting and submit a ticket. Thanks for your help!

Dafne Carrasco

Thanks Leslie! I encountered an issue when I rebuilt my graphic as Storyline shapes. When zoomed in using the Zoom Region feature, some of the line objects are blurry (similar to if I used a picture file), but not all. Seems random. I uploaded my file with my ticket. Perhaps there may be an issue with the files I am creating or even the software I have on my computer...

Dafne Carrasco

Sorry to hear you're having issues with this. Since my last post, our organization moved to SL360.  I haven't tested the issue in the latest version (because I didn't need to) but I did take a crash course in After Effects, as Joseph mentioned he uses. After Effects works really well for what we do now so our company will continue utilizing it in the future. We are now using SL as a supporting structure for the media we create using other programs. It works for us in the meantime but it would be nice if the zoom feature gets fixed :)  Hope you find a fix or workaround!

Nikki  Hall

Hi All - I am still having issues with losing a tremendous amount of image quality with the zoom feature. I did a quick search and found this post only to realize that I posted here 4 years ago with the same issue (see Nikki Mulig above - my maiden name!) and it still does not seem to be resolved. This is extremely difficult as we are trying to demo software with lots of "stuff" on the screen and its critical we can show them each part of the UI.

Please tell me there is a way a round this now! Fingers crossed. If not, I will have to put in a feature request, but like many other of my requests here we are 4 years later with nada! :(

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