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Dec 01, 2013

Two days ago I copy/pasted images from ThinkStock into Storyline and today the images are invisible - meaning they are still showing in the timeline, and when you click on the item in the timeline, it shows the outline of the image on the slide, but you can't see the actual image. This happened with every single image (about 20). Any clue as to what may be happening? Thanks!

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Gerry Wasiluk

Hmm, I'm seeing the same thing.

You said you copied and pasted the images in.  From where did you copy the image?

Normally, most folks would download the photo to their PCs (like as a JPG) and then insert it into Storyline via Insert > Picture and then choose the picture(s) that they downloaded.

I just tried that with the weekly free photo from ThinkStock and it worked just fine.

Larry Pickle

I got the images from ThinkStock, or in the case of the 2 images pointed out for slide 10 and 16, those were copy/pasted from another .story file. They were all visible until this morning. I had not closed the .story file from when I was working on it Friday. I simply sat down and began scrolling through the slides and noticed they were all gone. 

I also download and insert when I am pulling in the final image, however I was just gathering multiple options from ThinkStock for the client to choose from before I "purchased" the image. 

Thanks for taking a look. I guess I will reboot and then copy/paste the options again and keep my fingers crossed!

Gerry Wasiluk

No problem.  Maybe the reboot will help.  A lot of time that solves some things.

I've seen something like this once before.  I'd paste an image in and I'd see it on the timeline but nothing on the canvas.  Can't remember all the circumstances around that, however.

And I've copied and pasted between different story files and, if I remember right, things worked fine.

You are using the latest version of Storyline, right (Update 4)?

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