Images duplicating in Media Library

Apr 29, 2020

When I insert a new image into my Storyline project, Storyline is duplicating the image in the Media Library. This is preventing me from updating the image if I make a change to the image (yes, it is still in the exact same location on my hard drive as it was originally).

See attached screenshot. You can see the same image in the list twice (no, the image has not been resized, etc.) When I click on one of the two images, you can see that no information is available about the image on the right panel. If I click the other image with the same name in the list, I do see the information, but it won't allow me to update the image.


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Katie Riggio

Hello, Chris. Thanks for those screenshots!

I haven't seen that behavior before, and I'd love to dig deeper. First, I'm having trouble recreating a duplicate asset in a sample Storyline 360 Update 39 file:

A few questions to help me look at our next best steps:

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