Import a scene from another story file (no images, sound)

Hi. Has anyone experienced problems importing a scene someone else created into another SL file? He started wtih my SL template. HIs SL file plays and views perfectly when I open it directly in SL, but when I import one scene, the images and sound files don't come through but the placeholders are there.  I've successfully imported many times. I CAN import other scenes successfully into my SL file.  I am working around this by re-importing the images and sound.

Most importantly, when doing a Preview, it just HANGS.  Even after re-importing the media, I'm not so sure the scene will function as it should.

My guess is that it is NOT a bug, and NOT a corrpupted file since his SL file opens perfectly, but just won't import correctly.  I'm submitting a report, but hope someone has ideas (soon).

Thanks!! -Jill

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