Import Articulate with random Draw, resume not working properly

Sep 24, 2020

I have several courses (getting ready for the Flash to go away) that were created in Articulate. I'm importing those courses into Storyline 360 (no issues). These courses have a 'retry' button on the results slide.  On the attached course I added an Exit button hoping that would work, nope.

I take the test and fail, and close the course on the results slide. When I come back in it should take me to the results slide where I can retry the quiz. It does not. It takes me to a question, in some cases I have to answer several questions (but not all in the QB) and then finally get back to the results slide where I can try again, because I cannot pass since I didn't get all the questions. HELP!

We will eventually rebuild these courses but for now just want them to work. I've tried Prompt to Resume and Always Resume (oh and we are using the Modern Player with the navigation on so the user can 'resize on the fly').

(I've attached the story file. You will want to add a 'hotspot' on the opening slide to go to the Quiz intro .. or you'll have to take the 'long' course) 

I deleted the attachment, I can send it privately as needed.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Tracy,

I'm sorry to hear the resume isn't working as expected! I noticed a similar discussion where resetting the slide properties for each question helped this user resume correctly. Take a look and see if it helps!

If not, feel free to share your file with our support engineers, as that will allow them to see what's happening behind the scenes and help you troubleshoot the issue!

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