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Alicia Blitz

Bruno, it is possible to use Engage '09 for this. My company upgraded 15 Studio licenses last week to '13 and I was suddenly locked out from my Engage interactions imbedded in my Storyline projects. It's unfortunate.  :(

I "fixed" the isses by unistalling Studio '13 and re-installing '09 Engage. I also had to re-install Engage '09 a second time to get Storyline to recognize it.

I hope this issue is fixed soon, I would love to start using '13 but don't want to go through this proces everytime I need to insert or update an imbedded Engage interaction in Storyline. From posts on the forum it is something that is happening to a lot of users-so buyer beware if you are thinking of upgrading to Studio '13. Articulate has been saying that is being "worked on" since it's release last September--hopefully they'll hurry.