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Dec 03, 2012

I have a Storyline file from which I exported a Player Template file. The purpose is to re-use those player settings for another project.

When I try to Import that Player Template file into another Storyline project from the Player Properties screen, I get the following error prompt:

"There is already a player with that name. Please choose a unique name."

This doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. What can't this player settings file be shared among multiple Storyline projects?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rebecca,

What's the name of the template that you exported? Is it sharing the name of one of the built-in templates or another custom template that was created? If so, you might want to try opening the presentation with your original version and save it under a different name. Try importing it again and see if it works. 

Rebecca Adler

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the quick response. The Player Template file is named with a client name, so it's unique. I had saved a Player using the same name, earlier, in the Storyline file. It seems that what I really should have done is OPEN the saved Player File, not IMPORTED it.  I am thinking that Exporting and Importing are for moving player files from one computer to another, and Saving/Opening Player files is for when you're working on a local machine and just want to swap Player Files you've previously saved. Have I got that right?

Samuel Barnard

I know this thread is old, but here's hoping someone will catch this!

I have a shared player file (.xml) from a colleague which has been used across multiple storyline projects. So people have been importing it and using it.

Mine however, decided it didn't want to import the file. I go into Player > Current Player > Import > Browse to .XML file location > Open, and nothing happens. Nothing. Literally nothing. The player doesn't even show in the list found in "Open".

I've tried a fresh new Storyline project file without any luck. The function to import a new player just doesn't do anything.

Running the most up to date version and the player style was created in Storyline 360 and exported as .XML.

Any help would be appreciated.


Leslie McKerchie

Hey Sam,

We're still here...and consider your question caught :)

It sounds like you are following the steps as explained in our documentation here to import the player.

You mention that you are using the most recent version, which is Storyline 360 Build 3.26.18364.0. Have you conducted a repair of your software since you ran into this issue? It sounds like it may be your installation/computer specifically.

Susan Alderson

I know this is old, but today I have the same problem.  The message says there is already a player with that name, but I cannot find one anywhere with the same name.  I don' t want to create a new player name every time I upload the player into a new project. I have followed all the steps suggested.  I feel like I am missing something.  I am using 360.


Nora Cloonan

I'm having the same problem today.  I renamed the player something slightly crazy so it is impossible for it to be a duplicate name.  My second problem is that I can't even recreate the player.  When I try to customize it, the color palette it offers isn't the project color palette.  so I could but it would be very tedious and time-consuming.

Thanks for your help.  Nora