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Aug 26, 2020

Hey I just made storyline 360 slides. To make a course, can I import them directly into I just created a account. Do i need to go from storyline 360 to Rise 360 then to or can i go straight from Storyline 360 to

If I make a Rise 360 course with embedded Storylines files, can I import these into & still edit them in Or does the editing have to be done is Rise 360 only. I'm a bit confused as it looks like you can make courses on Rise 360 and also in with similar functionality. 

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Euan Hill

Hi Chris, apologies if I haven't understood correctly what you're after, but in order to use Storyline 360 content within Rise you use "Storyline Blocks".

So, I believe the functionality has been built in a way that gives a developer the opportunity to create parts of their content in Storyline 360 if it is impossible for them to create the required interaction within Rise's pre-built interactions.

Here is how to get content into Rise

  • Open Storyline 360 and click Publish
  • Publish the content to Review 360
  • Open Rise 360
  • Click All Blocks

From Interactive, you'll see at the bottom Storyline. Clicking on this will open your review 360 content and you can pick which Storyline file you wish to embed into Rise.

All the best,


Chris O'Donnell

Thats for the quick reply. I think I understand how this works from Storyline 360 > Review 360 > Rise 360.

I am actually in the LMS hosting package, not Rise 360. Seems like that "Storyline Block" isn't available in the, only in Rise 360. 

I'll try doing it through Rise 360, then hopefully I can import that course into (the LMS platform).

Mark Johnson

I've successfully published my Storyline courses as SCORM 1.2 files to both the client's LMS and Scorm Cloud. All working fine. However, when I try to do the same with it gives me a 'file parsing error' and then gives up.

Considering that all of this is ARTICULATE content, one might expect that you could move it around easily.

Juliet Keaton

How is this update going; I still cannot see the option in the interactive tab to import a storyline block into a created course. Above note says it was being worked on over a year ago. Is it going to be available? If not, please advise asap as I need to rewrite my course into Rise 360 import sl blocks and publish then import into to take advantage of the interactive features created in SL!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Juliet and Mark,

A few different conversations are happening here, so I'd like to share a few things:

  1. Storyline 360 content can be embedded into Rise 360 via Storyline Blocks:
    Rise 360: Use Storyline Blocks to Embed Storyline 360 Courses
  2. Storyline 360 published content can be uploaded to
    Import Third-Party Training
  3. Rise 360 content can be exported to
    Rise 360: How to Export Your Courses to

Mark, If you're still having difficulty uploading your content, I'd recommend chatting with our Rise team via

Juliet, The feature that Chris and Simon discussed above was specific to publishing and uploading your Storyline 360 course to