import video with alpha background

Aug 02, 2016

I have shot our learning host on green screen, keyed out the background in adobe premier cc and rendered a Quicktime file that imports into all my other apps with the alpha or transparent background fine but when I bring the same file into storyboard it comes in with the black background. Any clues or tips when it comes to importing video with transparent backgrounds? You can see this in the attached screen capture.



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Michael Corrigan

Hello Maria,

Any updates on the Support of Alpha Channels in SL?

I do understand that SL supports and converts everything to MP4.  My question is more centered around what is Articulate doing to help support its users by providing a solution to an issue that is over 6 years old?!  

Cory Warshawsky

Hey Maria, any updates on this feature request? I remember first broaching this topic back in 2016-ish and struggling a bit with alpha channels.

It appears from the thread above there is not an existing solution (as of 2 years ago). I'm wondering if any progress has been made on the prioritization of this open request?