import wav fails


Just exploring storyline functionality and to test the import sound I created a short 10 sec wav file using a handheld digital recorder (Olympus VN-2100PC).

File saved okay, played in VLC from windows explorer okay.


Insert sound from file

File appeared on timeline but was only 0.25 secs long

Right click file and select 'audio editor'

Editor opens but no file.

Audio editor wouldn't close until I tried recording a file, saving and cancelling.

Delete file from timeline.

Try import  again - same result.

Opened wav file in Audacity (2.0.3) and exported as mp3

Imported mp3 into Storyline and file shows on timeline correctly.

Open audio editor and no problems closing it.

Does anyone know if there are issues on the use of wav files with Storyline and is it preferable just to use mp3 files?


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Karl Gunter

Just tried editing and exporting the original file from audacity (as a wav) and then importing into storyline - the wav from audacity works okay, but the one from the digital recorder does not...

Dunno - maybe something to do with the file format saved by the digital recorder, but getting it working is the main thing.

Karl Gunter

No idea Gerry!

Just imported it into Audacity to test it out and exported using the defaults for WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM... and then imported into Storyline and it worked okay.

Tried making another recording on the voice recorder - same issue - so guessing maybe there's something it doesn't like about the initial file format from the recorder.

File from recorder:

Bit rate = 88kbps, Audio sample size = 4 bit,  mono, Audio sample rate = 22kHz, Audio format = IMA ADPCM

File exported from Audacity:

Bit rate = 352kbps, Audio sample size = 16 bit, mono, Audio sample rate = 22kHz, Audio format = PCM