Imported Power Point Issue After WIndows 7

Aug 27, 2013


We use a ppt deck as the template for our Storyline course.  We imported it after we went through an upgrade to Windows 7 Professional and the fonts and sapcing are different than before the upgrade.   Can anyone explain why and is there a way to fix this?

For example, on the ppt slide there is a text box that has the font set at 22 and it previously imported into Storyline at 16.5 (we were alright with this).  Now it is importing as 10.5 (we are not ok with this).

Why is the same ppt importing differently now?  Please help.


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Geert De Rycke

Hi Dayle,

Unfortunately this is its standard behaviour.

When importing from PPT, it copies the objects (also the text objects) and auto resizes them). This is why some parts are imported as 10.5  text and yet others having a slightly different pich/

The only way the circumvent it, is to convert the original ppt into pictures and then import it.

Several forum visitors have already sent a features request, so I suggest you do the same, here's the link



Dayle Kozlowski

Hi Geert

I understand that this is standard behavior.  However, the fact that the ppt slide imported one way before the windows upgrade and a different way after tells me there is most likely an issue with Windows 7.  Is this a known issue with windows 7?  We actually developed the slides knowing they would change with import, however, the way they are importing into Storyline after our upgrade is not acceptable as it is very different than the way they were importing before the upgrade.  In fact, even old courses that are opened but contain the imported slides are opening with font and spacing issues- nothing we did before the upgrade is opening cleanly or the looking the way we expected.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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