Imported swf's not supported on iPad

May 04, 2012

Given Apple's aversion to Flash I figured this would be the case but I had to try anyways. I imported a swf into SL and exported for iOS. When I run the program through the Acrticulate iOS app I can see everyting but the Flash content.

Can someone confirm that this is the case. Thanks

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Mark Cairns

Thanks Brian,

I'm not including any AS and I'm publishing for AS3. I'm still not seeing it. I've attached the .fla

It's just a simple spinning object and some audio. When I launch on the iPad just see the background slide. 

Here's test link: (2nd slide - The red pentagon is the flash)

Mark Cairns

Hi There,

Just checking back on this issue.

Is it safe to assume that imported swf's (of any type) are not supported on the iPad using the Articulate Player App or HTML5?

I really wanted to do some animation and this is my biggest issue when using Crazy Talk Animation Studio. I know I can import video but that's not going to cut it.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sadhana,

Flash (SWF) files still aren't supported in Articulate Storyline's HTML5 output.

For full comparison of Storyline's Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player output, click here.

If you're able to convert it to another file type, you could import that within the Storyline course and use it within the HTML5 output or mobile player. 

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