Importing existing SL2 projects in storyline 3: feedback audio issues

Feb 05, 2020

We recently upgraded to SL3 and we are updating bunch of projects created in SL2 to SL3 by opening the files directly in SL3. 

However, 2 to 3 files deep, I realized that I am having issue with feedback audio. Most of our slides that have text entry portion, where the student has to type in something in order to proceed ahead - I have created this on simple slide layout rather then free from or Q&A. All of which are working perfecting on SL2. However after publishing in SL3 to LMS, I realized that the audio meant for correct feedback slide is playing on incomplete feedback.  I went back to the SL3 files but on the timeline there is no audio on the incomplete feedback layer however, the audio (from the correct feedback layer) is still playing on the incorrect feedback layer on the published outcome.

I realized this issue can be fixed by recreating these slides but i have no time to create each and every slides as I have many variables which is really time consuming. :( 

Any help is appreciated! 

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Tenzin.

Sorry to hear of this audio problem, and I'm so glad you reached out to us for help. We're happy to lend a hand with troubleshooting!

Are you comfortable with sharing an affected project for testing? If so, you can send it privately to our Support team by using this link or attach it publicly in your reply here. We'll take a closer look at the behavior and delete the file after!

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