Importing PPT slides - text is imported as a picture!

Okay ... I feel really stupid taking this to the forum but I am at a lost so hopefully somebody can tell me what I am doing wrong.

I have some PowerPoint presentations I want to import into a Storyline 2 course I am building. I want to make a lot of adjustments and changes, so I need to be able to modify the text. But when I imported the slides, all the text (headers and body) were imported as a graphic picture and not as text blocks ... so I cannot modify them.

Cam anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?  I usually build courses from scratch and so although I have been using Storyline for a while, I am fairly new to importing PowerPoint

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Bruce-Alan Barnard

So I sorted through posts with similar titles and found one from a couple of years back where a person recommended changing the PPT slide backgrounds to plain old white prior to import. The slides I was importing had a black background.   I changed them to white and re-imported and voila!  The text has imported as text and not a picture. Woohoo!