Importing Questions from Excel Using Templates and Master Slides

Jan 07, 2022

Hey all, 

I'm currently working on testing the ability to import questions from excel to SL 360 and my goal is to give our development team the simplest solution. This includes the ability to use our current template (.storytemplate) so that our developers have all our branding requirements already set up and so that there's less messing with the details of each slide. 

My issue:
I have found that when I import the multiple choice questions, the SL file has chosen the master slide that I created for multiple choice questions BUT it puts all 4 answers into ONE of the four answer boxes. So this makes it difficult for the developers to then import since it takes a decent amount of work (less work than just copying and pasting) to adjust this issue. 

So I need to understand how SL works in this way. 

1. Which Master Slide does the program choose when you import questions? 

2. Does the program use the stored template for the formatting or does it JUST use the master slides? 

3. Can I "point" the program at a specific slide (either from the Master Slides or the Template) to import the questions into? 

3.1 If yes, can I choose different slides for different types of questions (either a multiple choice or a fill in the blank)? 

Thank you! I'm just really having issues with this and my testing is limited by time constraints. If we figure this out then it could change our workflow dramatically for creating quizzes! 

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Joseph Stearns

No not yet, I plan to try this and test how well it works but it may not help my situation nonetheless. I have to distribute this to our team of a dozen or so developers. I would have to require them to then handle more than one template and that gets very confusing. It may be the only real solution unless someone else has a good idea as well.