importing questions using the excel template into storyline 2

Jun 07, 2016

Hi there - I have been using the excel template for importing questions into storyline 2. I am now struggling with how to enter a "FIB- fill in the blank" type of question into the template. Can anyone provide me the correct format to put in the template and how to identify the correct answer do I still use a *. 

Thanks in advance


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Greg Nelson

Hi Leslie, I'm in a similar position as Daphne, wanting to import the xl spreadsheet template into Storyline which works fine for the MC, FIB formats (per template) however is there a template anywhere for the other question formats? - TF, MR, WB, MD, MDN, SD, SDN, NUM, LIK, PO, PM, WW, SA, ESS, HM,


Greg Nelson

Hi Ashley,

thanks for getting back to me,

I'm slowly getting my head around how to format the xl spreadsheet since I last communicated. The drag and drop format has got me baffled. I have attached the simple test question with a correct answer and the error page. Not sure I'm understanding the logic in the 'error' message :). Can you help,

Wendy Farmer

Hi Greg

it's not well explained in the tutorial - took me a few times to get it right.

For matching questions, separate each answer choice and its match with a pipe (|). Example: Texas | Austin

See attached .xls and sample SL2 file  - hope this helps