Importing Storyline 360 to D2L

Apr 13, 2018

I am having issues importing a storyline 360 presentation into D2L.  There is a wheel that circles and will not go away as if it's still uploading the content.  Same presentation uploads into Moodle with no issues.  Does anyone know how to save or upload the presentation to avoid this issue?  

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Anna Liu

Hi Missale,

Welcome to E-learning Heroes!

Please see below items that can be checked from your end:

Kindly let us know if these suggestions have worked or if you still encounter any issues.

Lori Sullivan

Hello Missale,

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that the steps for uploading a SCORM object to D2L may be slightly different than what listed in the link above if you are using D2L's new SCORM solution. The steps are still valid if you are using the D2L legacy SCORM process.

Follow this link if you are using the new SCORM solution (your LMS Administrator can probably let you know which SCORM functionality is being used for your organization):

Hope this info helps.

Gina Evans

Hi Missale,

I hope by now you've got your issue figured out, but if not, try this:

  1. When you publish the Storyline 360 module and the Publish Successful box displays, select Zip to create a zipped file.
  2. In the course where you want to load the Storyline 360 (SL) module, select Edit Course.
  3. Under Site Resource, select Import/Export/Copy Components.
  4. On the screen that displays, select Import Components and click Start
  5. Drag and drop the zipped SL file into the Select File box.
  6. Select  Import All Components. This may take a few minutes.
  7. When the import is complete, select View Content, which should take you to the course Content tab in D2L. The SL module should be in the Table of Contents modules at the bottom. From there you can test it and move it, if needed.

At least, these steps worked for me. 

Hope this helps,



ID Team

Hi all!

So I've also posted to this forum, but I'm trying to reach as many people as possible.

Has anyone figure out how to get the module to talk to the D2L grade book? I just need it to report whether or not it was completed. I set it to create a grade book item when I uploaded it, and set it to record the last attempt for the grade calculation method in D2L.

I've played with the publish reporting options in Storyline360 from complete/incomplete to pass/fail and also the tracking options from using a course complete trigger to tracking the number of slides viewed...and nothing. None of this is transferred to the grade book. 

D2L will recognize that it was attempted or completed within the content page showing "1 of 2 topics complete", but that doesn't show in the grade book.

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