Improper calculation on Results slides

Nov 04, 2019

Hi. I need to better understand how a final result is calculated on a Result slide that is set up to pull from other result slides. 

I have 5 result slides. Each have two question and the learner must get 50% to pass those "quizzes". 

Those 5 result slides should come together to show a final result (and more importantly send a final result to the LMS), where the passing grade is now 80% overall. Therefore, 4 of the 5 quiz result slides should be "passed" to get an 80%.  However, upon review  all the 5 separate results are passed, but the final result is "failed" and showing a total of 50 points instead of the required 80 pts. to pass. I think the trouble is that it's adding points from each question and then asking for a percentage in the result slide properties. If the combine points had a points # to input (like 40) I could get the 80% overall result I'm looking for. But it's mixing points and percentage. Is there a way around this? Would it make a difference if I increased the number of points for correct answers? 

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