In HTML5 the Base Layers background image moves on click

Nov 02, 2016

Hi all,

I've gone from a novice to 'still a novice' in the last week and I am loving SL2!

However, a project I have produced creates a strange error that only occurs in the HTML5 version.

In HTML5 the Base Layers background image moves when viewing a Step-by-Step video guide when you on click or it automatically moves on to each step in the guide. This means it happens in the View, Try and Test modes.

The background / base layer seems to shrink slightly, only on the left and right margins which gives a very noticeable effect.  Sometimes there is a black bar bar left in its place on the left and right, other times it almost looks as if there is a secondary image of the background appearing underneath the image.

Has anyone useless experienced this and does any of this make any sense!

Many thanks, 

These forums have been invaluable in my introduction to SL2!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alex, and thanks for reaching out here! This behavior sounds similar to an issue reported to our QA team - after inserting recorded screens as Step-by-step View mode/Try mode, recorded slides shrink with every step of a process when viewing the HTML5 version. I will certainly include this forum discussion in the report.  Unfortunately  I cannot offer a timeframe for when or if this issue will be resolved, but I will  update you once we have information to share. Be sure to click the Subscribe link at the top of the page so you can receive automatic updates by email. 

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