In SL 360 download of illustrations does not work ...

Mar 12, 2018

Hi all

I was going to insert an Illustration which I found in the articulate library. Yet, the Moment I click insert, I get an error message (see attached screenshot).

What could be the Problem? Download works with Icons and most photos but not with the Illustration I Chose. Obviously I have connecton to articulate since I can insert Icons.

Can anyone help? Thx in advance and best regards

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Roland Straub

Hi all,

The problem first persisted but this morning. Now beginning of the afternoon, it suddenly worked to insert the selected illustrations.

So it seems that my problem has solved itself. However, I'm still curious, why this has occured. Wheather or not it might have to do with our internal proxi/firewall settings, etc..

Thx for your conideration and best regards


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