In Storyline 360, videos are not autoplaying

Oct 02, 2018

In both IE, Chrome, and Edge, videos that I have inserted and triggered to play when timeline starts are NOT autoplaying. I noticed there was a glitch for those using Safari and am wondering if this is also a problem on the Windows side.

Anyone have any answers?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Anne!

Happy to investigate this with you. Can you help me with a few details?

  • Are these videos on the first slide of the course?
  • Have you tried removing the "play video when the timeline starts" trigger, and simply set the video to play automatically in the Video Properties?
  • Are you on the latest update of Storyline 360? To check, click the Help tab, then click About Storyline. You should see 3.20.16814.0 in the bottom-right corner. 

I have updated Storyline, but now have another issue with the video. It auto plays fine but you cannot click on the right arrow and go to the next slide when the video ends. I have tried several triggers, I thought that using the trigger when Media completes would work, but the arrow does not let you leave the slide. What am I doing wrong???

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