Inaccurate quiz results slide when viewing HTML5 on mobile device

May 28, 2013


Just installed newest Storyline update today, and now a bizarre issue occurs. The quiz operates properly when viewed on my desktop/laptop--I answer questions correctly, and result slide indicates that I passed.

However, when I view the same course on my mobile device ( tested iPad, iPhone, Android phone via web) the results slide indicates I FAILED, showing that I got zero answers correct...despite that I get the "correct" response on each question when I submitted my answer.

Published settings: HTML5 output was selected, but I did NOT check the Articulate Player option...this module needs to be viewable via web browser on all devices.

You can see this for yourself by viewing this link first on a standard computer, and then separately on a mobile device.

The correct answers for the quiz are as follows:

Q1:  Answer 3  ("Anywhere you want it to be")

Q2: Answer 4  ("All of the above")

Q3: Answer 1  ("A carabiner, screw-mount attachment & suction cup")

Q4: Answer 3  ("Both A & B")

Q5: Answer 1 ("The Play button")

Any ideas what might be causing this?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Dave, 

Hmm, I'm not getting the Fail results you described. Everything looks good on my end (iPad 2, Safari):

Are your "Fail" results consistent across all of the mobile devices you tested? My guess is a cache issue is causing it.

But if you'd like, we'd be happy to take a closer look at it. Can you please go ahead and open a ticket, including the .story file, so we can take a closer look at what's going on?



Nigel Ribeiro

Hi Dave,  

Did you figure out what the issue with your course was. I am having the same problem. Results slide works fine in Flash but HTML 5 gives incorrect results. 

Don't even have to use a different device. Just opening using the Story_html5 file gives the above error. 

Strangely when I tested your course I did not have issue you described.



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nigel,

I'm guessing that Dave may have uploaded a newer version to that link, if he was able to get it resolved. 

From what I can see from the support case details, changing the revisiting settings for his quiz questions to "Automatically Decide" may have helped with the scoring issue in HTML5.

Have you tried changing that option in your course?


Dave Chace

We did get a resolution on the problem--but it was quite some time ago, so I've forgotten  the specifics. If memory serves, I think the key issue was that the question slides were set to 'resume saved state' instead of resetting to initial state, or vice versa. Check out the revisiting status of your question slides, and try changing the status & see what happens.

Steven Evans

Thanks Ashley

I attach the module which has a knowledge test with a results screen.

I want information to be reset as if they fail, they need to answer all questions again and have a chance to get 100 percent.

The problem being, the results screen seems to show 0% on first attempt if you fail (even if you get some correct), and after clicking retry and having another go, you just can't pass.

We've tested this in Chrome and Safari on HTML5 devices.

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