Inbuilt Next Button Disabled for 3+ seconds and I cannot see how to stop it (imported from Powerpoint)

May 01, 2020


I imported a PowerPoint to Storyline 360 and have worked on the project and just published to review, but it seems the next button is grayed out for a few seconds on every slide. I would like to control this, but cannot see a trigger or state that is causing this!

Review file and Storyline file attached.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Michelle,

Happy to help here! After previewing the file, I did notice the next button was grayed out for a few seconds before it became active. I checked the Menu Navigation restrictions by going to the Home tab, selecting Player, then Menu and selecting the ⚙️at the bottom. 

I saw that it was set to Restricted. This will cause the Next button to be Disabled until the timeline ends on each slide.

If you set it to Free, then the Next button will be immediately available. You can read more about this in the user guide below. Hope this helps!

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