Including a slide with variable content that can be edited by the client

Dec 22, 2020

I'm curious how you would tackle this request:

We are wanting a slide-like display at the beginning of the project that gives details on the research we are conducting along with it that encourages people to participate. For this, we would need to be able to edit it ourselves or have some way of editing it quickly, as the link to the surveys could change for each site, and we want to make sure we are able to adjust it when need be. Would something like this be possible?

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Will Findlay

That's a great! idea! It would mean still the edits would have to go through me as the client doesn't know how to edit HTML (and even if they did I'm not giving them the password to the web server), but that might be best anyway so I can make sure the edits are good.

I did try this: using a Google Slide shared publicly, but apparently Google Slides don't like being embedded as web objects as I got a " refused to connect" when I attempted to use it as a Web Object.

I did learn a Google slide trick in the process though:

If you take your Google Slide URL in edit mode:

and replace the word "edit" in the url with "present," you can share the slide in presentation mode:

Next question, does someone have a good HTML template that formats like a slide?

Will Findlay

I thought of a happy compromise. They can create the slide in PowerPoint. Then export it as a PDF. Then I can just use that as my web object: 

I learned another trick - how to embed a PDF without including the toolbars and other stuff:

Will Findlay