Incomplete Course Status and Relaunch

Oct 19, 2020

My issue is for a compliance course.  So reporting is extremely important. I am using Scorm 1.2.  I want the user to take the course and then have two opportunities to pass a test.  The course is set that they can exit and come back in where they left off.  It is a 90-minute course.  

If the user passes the test, he is getting a completion.  That works.  

However, if the user fails the test twice, he gets an incomplete status in the Completion field.  I don't want the user to be able to relaunch the course again, but the incomplete status is allowing that. And if the user relaunches and says to go back where they left off, Storyline is bringing them to the middle of the test, not to the results slide where they left off.   Not sure why they are not getting to their final results screen where they leave the course when they relaunch.

My questions:  Is there any way that a user can't go back into the course with an incomplete completion field.  If not, is there anyway to get a Failed status in the completion field so that the user cannot relaunch the course after two failures. And if they relaunch the course, why is it not going back to their last slide - the results slide.

Also, is it the Completion or Success field that gets sent to the LMS for reporting.  I am using Oracle but I think this question is for all LMSs.  

I have been testing this for a week.  So any advice or workaround would be appreciated.


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Nancy!

It sounds like you're looking to change the way the course behaves in the Learning Management System. Have you reached out to your LMS admin to see if there is a way to disable the relaunch behavior in the LMS? 

I'd recommend contacting your LMS admin to add parameters for the way the course behaves when the user has already failed the course. 

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