Completion status being overridden - failed to incomplete

Apr 20, 2021

This relates to allowing a user a fixed number of assessment attempts before they receive a passed or failed status. SL Build v3.50.245832.0

Not sure if this is due to Storyline making changes when they do updates but I do find that each time I test a module that uses assessment attempts I get varying results, there never seems to be consistency. I have found that SCORM2004 is better than 1.2 for this, but not many of our clients use 2004.

I do not track via the results screen as that will send a failed status after the first attempt. I push the score through using JavaScript.

For this one, Scorm 1.2,  it has three assessment attempts. The issues arises from once the assessment has been failed, I allow the user to revisit the content screens (not the assessment). Usually browsing multiple screens, then exiting/resuming/exiting again on a content screen, SL then sends back an incomplete status.  If I then opened the module and went back to the assessment (module will then jump to results screen),  the completion trigger will run and it would return it back to a failed state.

So allowing a user to navigate around the content afterwards and depending where they left and if they did it a few times, this would override to incomplete. That is bad and shouldn’t happen. Some LMS will ignore it as its already marked its completion but this LMS allows it and therefore screws up the users status.

My publish settings are set to Passed/failed but it doesn't take many exits to get it to report incorrectly.

On Scorm Cloud I can see the LMS setting and getting a failed status, and then on exit, it sets it to incomplete.

I ended up putting this trigger in the course template. First time I've ever done that to get SL to not send an incomplete status.

If score.points < pass.points and if courseComplete = true, complete course to failed. 

I think its a bit of a SL bug, it seems to have an issue when you complete via a trigger where you want it, vs complete by screen count/result screen.

Is there anything on the roadmap with SL introducing assessment attempts? My SCORM reporting issues always arise from not having this feature and doing work arounds.


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