Failed status via JavaScript, assessment attempts and all variables being cleared.

Feb 22, 2017

Digging up an old thread, I have this exact issue and have tried publishing with the passed/failed option.

I have an assessment the user can attempt 3 times, my logic is working correctly and I send a 'failed' status on their 3rd unsuccessful attempt.

SCORM cloud reports it as LMSSetValue('cmi.core.lesson_status', 'failed') but CompletionStatus=incomplete, so to the LMS the course still has an incomplete completion status.
completion = incomplete, success = failed.
How do I get the course to send a failed completion status?

If I pass the assessment and let Storyline send the completion, it reports correctly as;
LMSSetValue('cmi.core.lesson_status', 'passed')
completion and success status are both passed.

Another issue too, is if a user has failed three times and re-launches the course, chooses not to resume where they were, it not only clears the bookmark, but all variables, so their assessment attempts are wiped. Is that supposed to happen? What this is doing is then creating unlimited attempts.

If you are using a certain amount of assessment attempts, what is the correct way for sending a failed status?



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Phil Mayor

Completed status can have three settings (completed, incomplete, or unknown), it is marked as incomplete because you have failed.

The completed status is the way the course tells the LMS if the content can be taken again, so if the fail three times and they are only allowed three attempts you could set it to complete and failed.

That of course doesn't explain how your LMS is setting the completed status to passed.

As far as the LMS is concerned when you open the course it is one attempt, storyline will allow you to send data for different attempts of an assessment but only counts as one attempt for the course as far as the LMS is concerned. IF they then open the course and choose not to resume this whole attempt is reset which is where you are losing the data. 

The only time it counts as a new attempt is when the user chooses to open a new attempt, most LMSs have this option. You can edit the scorm after publish to prevent this happening by choosing score can only improve. 

You could set the course to always resume which will prevent them being able to restart the course, also if your LMS allows you could set the attempts in there and force a new attempt each time they open the course.

You do not say what your LMS is and it may not support these features, under normal conditions I would use the LMS to control attempts wherever possible.


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