Incomplete final quiz reporting

Jul 21, 2021

We are having an issue with Articulate's question reporting onto our LMS (Docebo). Some users are experiencing an issue where the LMS does not seem to correctly record their answers, and the LMS is showing incomplete data where the answers are just missing entirely. This prevents the user from completing the course. Is there anyway to fix this?

Articulate seems to just send each question attempt to the LMS, and Docebo is tracking each attempt on a question. Is there a way to not have it do that, or just have the information overwrite the last attempt?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Anthony!

Storyline will send the data for each attempt, but it would be up to the LMS to report each attempt or just show the last attempt. This should be a setting that you can customize in Docebo. I'd recommend reaching out to your LMS admin to get information on how this setting can be configured in Docebo.

Tony Leung

some user interactions may be causing this too.


User takes the final assessment, and gets halfway through the assessment. They exit out of the course. When they resume the course, they get to the question they left off on. However, completing the assessment will cause some strange problems with reporting, and they will not receive a completion even if they complete the final assessment successfully. This only seems to be occurring if they had to retake the assessment, and does not seem to occur on their first attempt.

The error is a huge problem, as the only fix we've seen is, resetting progress on the entire course, and trying the whole thing again