Inconsistence in editing video and editing

In the video editing mode I can change the videofile with the button Change Video

After changing  a video I can see the name of the new videofile in the timeline

When I want to change an audiofile there is another button Import

And after importing a new file I still see the old filename in the timeline

Is there ar reason for this inconsitency and is there a way to change the audio filename in the timeline?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Chris!  Thanks for pointing out this behavior.

In Storyline 3, I saw the same thing.  I tried navigating to another slide, and even saving, closing and reopening the entire project.  No dice!

Let me document this issue for our team so we can figure out some next steps.  I'm sorry if that's causing you confusion as you're working with your media files.

I'll update this discussion with more information as I can.