Inconsistent Audio playback (AS2)

May 30, 2016

Recently I've found that when clicking on my created menu, to go to certain slides, the audio does not start when the timeline starts.

I have set my slides to "Restart from Initial State", but it still doesn't help.  Sometimes the audio will play and sometimes it won't.  If I were to click on the link again, or on the pause button, then play, the audio will start.

Some slides have video, but the audio is separate from the video.

Has anyone ever encountered this issue before? Anyone have a solution? 

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Christine Cho

Hi Christie, - I'm testing the course in our testing (Sandbox) environment.  The troubleshooting steps I don't think are going to help. 

My menu is in a lightbox slide, and the slides in the course are hyperlinked from there.  I'm assuming when the lightbox opens, it pauses the slide that I am currently on, and when the lightbox is closed the main slide resumes. 

The issue seems to be that when a hyperlink to another slide in the course is clicked and the slide is 'jumped to' the audio doesn't always start on the new slide.  I had noticed this on another course that I was testing (not my course) and the same issue occurred.  Does it have something to do with the lightbox unpausing and jumping to the new slide at the same time?

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