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Jul 25, 2017


I have always felt that the resource link is a bit touchy. Right now I'm having a terrible time with inconsistent links. I have 15 courses, using the same two resources (PDFs). In one course the link will work and in another the link won't. We are set to go live this week so this needs to be resolved. Please help!



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Ali Goulet

Hey Julie,

I'm sorry you're running into some inconsistencies with your resource attachments! It does seem odd that the same PDF link would work in one course and not in another. Let's get to the bottom of this.

I have a few questions to start out here:

  1. When you're seeing this issue, is it happening after publishing the course and uploading it to the web?
  2. If so, is it happening in a specific browser?
  3. Are all your files saved to your local drive (C:Drive or desktop) while authoring?
  4. Can you share the .story project file that it isn't working in? You can add it here as an attachment right to a comment.

Thanks for letting us know you're hitting these snags!

Julie Stelter

Thanks Ali. I'm not sure what you are asking in #1 but #2 might be spot on. I test the course in SCORMcloud using Chrome and I can access the resources. The client is using IE, not sure of the version. But she is getting mixed results.

#3  I save it to my one drive which is also saved to my local computer. 

#4 Can I have a private link, please.

I'll test it in IE to see if I get the same results as client.



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