Inconsistent Issue with States in Storyline

Aug 24, 2023

What is up with the hover state being activated when an object is selected (in the selected state) and being hovered over?  It's absolutely counter-intuitive and senseless. If an object is in the selected state, it should just be in the selected state.

That was the rule, and most objects won't suddenly enter a hover state when hovered over if they're selected, but sometimes this issue pops up. 

I can't tell if it's a backend bug...

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Walt Hamilton

And yet, it seems logical to me that an object should switch to the Hover state when the cursor hovers over it. I mean, isn't that what Hover is for?

Personally, I don't use Hovers, mostly because they are difficult for learners that are using phones or tablets. This might be part of why you will come not to use them.

Edward Agadjanian

What makes sense is that every state exists by itself. The visited state should remain as visited once it's visited. A state should remain selected unless another object is selected. 

Again, literally on the same slide, another object's states are working just fine. The hover state is only functioning when the object is in the normal state as it should be. When selected, Hover isn't activated. That makes me think Articulate Storyline just continues to be riddled with glitches and bugs like this, which is very irritating.

My audience aren't phone or tablet users at the moment, so the hover state is still a fundamental visual feature if it's working well.

Walt Hamilton

“A state should remain selected unless another object is selected. “  If you want that function, you can have it. Just create the other object and make them a button set. Otherwise, if there is one object, when it is clicked, it is Selected, and when it is Clicked again, it is Unselected. Very useful. It allows a learner to change their mind. 

Looking at the example, I wonder (I don’t know) if editing the states and rearranging their positions will change the z-index.

Personally, I like that disabling an object disables all the states. That is truly disabled, not responding to any interaction, not even hovering.