Inconsistent results in quiz

Aug 19, 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm building a quiz for the first time and I'm finding I'm getting some inconsistent results, even though as far as I can tell the slides are all identical. Is anyone able to see what I'm doing wrong?

What I want it to do: 

Each question appears randomly

Each answer (2 incorrect, 1 correct) give custom feedback via the layers

What it's doing:

Sometimes what I want, and sometimes when the learner clicks the right answer it goes directly to the next slide without showing feedback. Especially in Q2.6, Q2.7, and Q2.8.

File is attached. Thanks for any help or insight! 

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Sam Hill

This is just a guess, but my guess is it is the way you have the feedback set-up.

What you should be using instead of "Feedback > By Question" is "Feedback > By Choice" as each of the options has a unique feedback. You have chosen "Feedback > By Question" and are not using the functionality, but have built custom functionality to provide feedback by choice.

This means you don't have any of the expected layers within the question for "Feedback > By Question" which would be "Correct" and "Incorrect". It is possible that this is causing the issue, and causing questions to auto navigate to the next slide.

It might be a bit of a laborious task, but I would recommend changing and leveraging Storylines built in functionality and using "Feedback > By Question" and then adding your content to the layers it provides. You can then remove all of your logic "Show layer X if radio button Y = Selected" as Storyline takes care of all this when the question is submitted.

I would make a duplicate copy of the questions, so when you switch to "Feedback > By Choice" you don't lose all of the content from your custom layers (they could be removed).

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