Inconsistent state triggers

Hello, I'm having some issues with inconsistent state triggers.  I use them pretty regularly without issue, but I'm now having issues with this particular screen.  I have hotspots over the icons, because some of them were not very "click-friendly" (hard for the user to find the sweet spot where they can actually click it).  Each icon group consists of multiple components, and each component has 3 states: Normal, Hover, and Clicked.

The state that is working inconsistently is "Clicked".  Sometimes you have to revisit the icons more than once before that state will trigger (you won't see it until you leave the icon's layer), and it's usually different icons that have the issue each time.  Currently I have it set to trigger the clicked state when the timeline starts for the layer that corresponds to the icon group.  I've tried a couple of other methods, including rearranging trigger orders and variables.  I still get the inconsistent state trigger.  

Any ideas?  I've attached some screenshots, as well as the story file.  Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ramona,

Thanks for sharing your file. It looks like there is a duplicate version of your icons on the slide layers. That one is showing as normal and overlaying what you'd see based on the base layer ones. I noticed that once I click to a new icon the previous icon is visible again (as the layer is hidden) and it looks like it is showing what I'd expect. It seems like you chose to hide the base layer icons while on each slide and then you're only changing the state of the item on the slide layer not the base layer?

Perhaps I'm not understanding your set up, but I'd test out limiting the icons to the base layer and adjusting their states there based on the click/timeline/layer showing as that should resolve it for you! 

Ramona Meyer

Hi Alyssa!  Yes, that is the issue I am having exactly.  After viewing the icon info, the icons should display the "Clicked" state.  But some of them stay with the "normal" state.  If I click them a 2nd or 3rd time (or sometimes more), I can eventually get the "Clicked" state to display.  

Also, for me it's often different icons that display this behavior each time - it's not consistent.  


Ramona Meyer

Hi Ashley!  Yes, because I'm having the user click the hot spot rather than the icons themselves, I found it easier to put a static version of the "active" icon on each of the corresponding layers.  And then, yes, they should disappear when another icon is click and the icon from the base layer should display again.  However, that icon should now be showing in the "clicked" state.  In reality, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.  Sometimes it takes multiple clicks for the "clicked" state to show on the base layer.  Alyssa's screen recording below shows the issue I am having. 

Ramona Meyer

Yes, I'm wanting the icons on the base layer to turn dark green once they are clicked.  

In the storyline file attached to my original post, on each layer I added a trigger to change the state of the icons on the base layer to "Clicked" when the timeline of the layer starts.  I tried a few other methods to get the visited state to take, as well.  Sometimes icons would follow the triggers, and sometimes they wouldn't.  No matter what method I tried, it was always inconsistent.

Ramona Meyer

The file I uploaded does have the "visited" state, it's just labeled as "clicked".  I originally created the built-in visited state, but was having issues the inconsistent issues.  I thought maybe using the built-in state was causing the issues since I needed it triggered by clicking the hotspot, so I tried manually creating that state (and labeled it "clicked").