Incorporating a system demo into an e-learning lesson

Sep 25, 2019

I am still pretty new to utilizing Articulate 360 but can't seem to find a way to incorporate a demo of one of our organizations electronic systems into our e-learning.  Within our e-learning we are discussing how a learner should move through a new organizational workflow... right now we have static screen shots and audio... but would like to show how the workflow works within the system they will be using.  Is this possible?   I see that I can upload a video... but was hoping to be able to build this within storyline. 

Thanks in advance for your assistance! 


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Brian Allen

Kim, it's definitely possible to use static screens to build a demo like this, and we can talk about ways to do that if it would be helpful.

You might look at using the screencast capabilities first though, as they really streamline your workflow for these types of demos and automate a lot of what you would need to build manually using screenshots.... Use the links at the bottom of each tutorial to proceed to the next step in using Storyline in this way

Please post back if needed to continue the conversation on recording/using screencasts in Storyline.

Additionally, here's a full listing of Storyline 360 tutorials, very nice to have handy (just in case)

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