Incorrect/Correct layers not showing


    I posted this about a month ago and still haven't gotten any feedback to assist that works.  Usually I can change the type of correct/incorrect slide they see but for the CLICK THROUGH story I can't.  In the click through story when they get something correct or incorrect the user cannot see that slide.  In the creating an Opp click through they can!  Plead advise so I can finish this. thanks! 

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Jerry Beaucaire

When I click on random parts of slide 1.2, I do faintly see the "incorrect" message appear.  The font color is very light and there is no background under the text to may it look like a popup box.

Just adding that makes it obvious the layers do appear to be working.


I don't see a trigger to make the HINT appear, perhaps add a hint button on the Try Again layer.


Last thought, the incorrect layer says two thing twice each.

Incorrect - Incorrect
Try again - try again.


Perhaps replace the sentences in the middle with helpful information and just let the button Try Again be the thing.

Remember we need to turn off the preview mode before anything else.