Incorrect Course Status

Help!! Bit of a novice in the ELearning / LMS world and I'm in need of some advice on course statuses not reporting correctly. 

I'm working with an Articulate course with 2 Elearning modules (lessons).

When some users have completed both the modules (lessons) the course is still showing as 'In Progress' ** This is not happening in all cases many are getting the correct 'completed' status?? 

I have tried this on 2 identical users, completed both modules(lessons) and got 2 different results (1 course showing as 'complete' the other 'in progress') 

Any ides what could be causing this and how it could be eliminated in the future?

Many Thanks

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sarah -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles! As you mentioned that you are publishing for LMS, may I ask if you have had a chance to see how your course functions when you test it on the SCORM Cloud, as that is the industry-standard environment for LMS testing? This article may also be helpful: How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

And can you also share the name of the LMS service you are utilizing? That might be helpful in case others who use the same service had experienced similar issues and can shed a little light.