Incorrect Feedback showing over some review slides

Nov 10, 2015

Hey Now Heroes, this is another head scratcher... I had to create some fill-in-the-blank slides and some only had one value while others had many, but when the quiz was over and I went to REVIEW the slides, any FITB's that had an incorrect answer had the "Incorrect" layer over the base slide. I can't make it not do that... I am attaching a view of the problem, and my layers... I hope someone can tell me something quick, this is due tomorrow and it's been a long day. Thanks, ACE

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Alan Elman

The incorrect feedback layer overlays the base slide for incorrect answers in all the fill-in-the-blank slides in the quiz review. I just put the correct answer in the incorrect feedback layer and went with it... I had to have it done and in for review. It's just embarrassing when you can fix something, people think you don't know what you're doing.  

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