Individual quiz answers recorded in Moodle

Hello everyone,

My client LOVES he "allow user to print result" feature of Storyline.

They are going to begin using Moodle 2.6 for their LMS. 

Is there a way to have the same sort of out put that the "allow user to print results" feature generates save as "report" of some sort? In other words, rather than a .html file being generated, can another type of file, usable by Moodle, be generated?

They would like the instructor of the course to be able to see the question by question results of a student's completed quiz (the question, student selection, correct selection etc.) so the instructor can go over the results with the student individually.

Thanks so much!

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Dan Marsden

Moodle 2.3 and higher have an interactions report that shows all user interactions (for SCORM 1.2 packages) in a report that can be exported.

Moodle 2.6 improves the user level reporting and you can export a single users interactions to excel if required.

NOTE: Moodle only officially supports SCORM 1.2 and AICC - it doesn't provide complete support for SCORM 2004 - in particular the interactions reports are only supported properly with SCORM 1.2 packages.

Serko Srabonian

Thanks so much for the input Dan! I truly appreciate it.

I saw that report but unfortunately its output is pretty unintelligible as you can see by the sample I've attached.

I was hoping to be able to, somewhat, replicate the .html output that Storyline creates. It's neat, clean and easy for an instructor and student to work through systematically.

Any other thoughts possibly?